What a blast our Explorers' Open Day was!

Parents and students took the opportunity of ILTI’s Explorer’s Open Day to visit our new hub on 4 Jalan Woodward, Ipoh, last Saturday, on 11 Dec.

The big event, held in full compliance with SOPs set out by the Health Ministry, saw our visitors touring the ILTI new hub as well as other parts of the Bonanza Education learning zone, which also encompasses our buzzing sister kindergarten, Kinder Labz, and splashing swim school, Aqua Labz.

Among them was parent, Peter Hoo, whose daughter is studying Cambridge English at ILTI.

“I’m really happy that ILTI and Kinder Labz are in the same vicinity now. My son is also studying at Kinder Labz and it makes things so convenient for me.

“It was a really good decision to send my children to ILTI and Kinder Labz. I’m very impressed by the facilities here. Everything is so organised and well thought of,” he added.

Another parent who was full of praises of ILTI was Dr Madiha Muhamad Sarkan, who arrived with her children in tow to experience our new hub.

“Both my older children studied at ILTI but at the old building. Compared to the old place, the classrooms here are now so spacious and modern.

“This place is so attractive for kids, even my two younger children have asked to learn here,” said Dr Madiha while waiting for her younger daughter to complete her placement test.

The day also saw our visitors take part in a variety of fun games to test their English vocabulary and memory as well as physical agility in order to collect 6 stamps in exchange for a variety of treats such as ice-cream, nuggets, biscuits and curry puffs.

Those who missed out on our Explorers’ Open Day, worry not. You can still visit ILTI and take opportunity of our offer of free placement test until the end of December. We’ll be more than happy to take you on a magical tour of our hub Monday – Sunday, 2pm – 5pm.

Give us a call / WhatsApp 010-396 3067 or 010-395 3067 now.