Professional & Corporate Courses

Professional and Corporate English courses offer a comprehensive learning experience that equips individuals and organizations with the language and communication skills necessary to excel in the competitive world of international business. These courses are an investment in personal and professional growth, fostering effective communication and cross-cultural competence.

B2 Business Vantage

B2 Business Vantage is the second of three Cambridge English Qualifications for Business English.  This qualification is designed to further hone your business English skills and help you to achieve an internationally recognised standard of business English. A B2 Business Vantage qualification shows that you are all set to do business at an international level.

C1 Business Higher

C1 Business Higher is an advanced level of Business English in the Cambridge English pathway. This qualification sharpens your practical business English skills and allows you to work effectively at a senior level in international business.


Designed to help you develop and enhance in-demand skills, our brand-new Masterclass Series provides you with an opportunity to unlock the next level of English. Be prepared to step into the next chapter – albeit education, career or travel.

Classes are set for different levels and experiences and conducted by international professionals and highly qualified local thought leaders to deliver practical and up-to-the-minute learning that can be applied straight away.

Corporate Training & Business English Course

Learning English is more important than ever.Let us show you how we can connect your employees to English courses that will make an instant impact on your organisation.