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Welcome aboard! This is your one stop centre to take your English to any level you need. Choose from a wide range of flexible courses, whether you’re an absolute beginner, you want to give your child a head start, study at a top university, improve your career prospects, brush up your English skills to become an expert speaker, or simply make new friends throughout the world. We’ve got the right course for you.

Learn English and get accredited at our Cambridge English Assessment Centre. There are group classes and private lessons happening all day, every day. Here’s to a brighter future, wherever your destination.

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Adib Hakim​ (Lower FCE)

“I really recommend it to other people.”​

I have studied at ILTI for a year and so far, I found it interesting because I can increase my vocabulary and grammar. This is my first time going to an English institution. It has really helped me a lot with my grades at school. I really recommend it to other people.​

Nievesh​ (Flyers​)

“ILTI has helped me a lot.”​

I have studied here for a year now and I have fun learning here. I would recommend the teachers because they are very kind. I really like learning English and learning at ILTI has helped me a lot.​

Wong Siew Wei (Lower FCE)

“I have never changed institutions.”

I am 14 now and I’ve been studying at ILTI since I was 5. I have never changed institutions! The place is very nice. I have good friends here, and the teachers are also kind and very experienced.

Atheesvar​ (Lower KET​​)

“I make a lot of friends here.”​

I love studying at ILTI. I like the environment and I have even made a lot of friends here. Before this my English was bad, but now I get high marks at school.​

Keerthika (Upper PET​)

“From C’s to A’s”​

Before ILTI, my grades were C’s and B’s but now I get A’s in my English at school. Cambridge English helps me improve in my listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, which will be good for my future.​

Muhammad Ammar (Movers)

“It’s a fun place to learn.”

I have been studying at ILTI for 2 years and now, I can speak English well. I like the way my teachers teach. They have helped me improve. ILTI is a fun place to learn.

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As the Chinese New Year holidays come to an end, classes are back in full swing and would you look at that, ILTI has reached it’s fifth week of the term 🫣

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ILTI NEWS – Vol. 42

Our world is a wonderful place, but don’t you think it’s suffering?
Pointing fingers to others or waiting for others to change is not going to be a fruitful outcome. A change comes within ourselves first!