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English for Every Age and Level

Welcome aboard! This is your one stop centre to take your English to any level you need. Choose from a wide range of flexible courses, whether you’re an absolute beginner, you want to give your child a head start, study at a top university, improve your career prospects, brush up your English skills to become an expert speaker, or simply make new friends throughout the world. We’ve got the right course for you.

Learn English and get accredited at our Cambridge English Assessment Centre. There are group classes and private lessons happening all day, every day. Here’s to a brighter future, wherever your destination.


Cambridge: Pre A1 Starters

Cambridge Assessment English - Flyers Starters Movers

Pre A1 starters is the start of a child’s language learning journey. It is the first level of the Cambridge Assessment English qualifications designed for pre-schoolers to primary aged children.

Cambridge: A2 Key

Cambridge Assessment English - First for Schools

A2 Key is designed to build the essential skills of the English language. This is a fluid journey to start learning English, as well as a path to pass the UPSR or Checkpoint 6 examinations.

Cambridge Assessment English - Preliminary

C1 Advanced is all about fluency and is tailored to prepare learners for exams and equip them with language skills that  global employers and universities are looking for.

Cambridge: B1 Business

Cambridge Assessment English - Business Professional

B1 Business Preliminary is designed to build your everyday English language proficiency and give you practical experience for career advancement.

General English

General English is a flexible course that can be designed for all skill levels. The course can even be tailored to industry (i.e. health, hospitality and travel) to improve your ability to communicate effectively and give you confidence in your use of English.

SPM 1119

SPM English 1119 exam preparation course is designed with all the required skills and knowledge to sit for the exam. It is a comprehensive course conducted by highly qualified teachers, ranging from heads of schools to SPM paper markers.


IELTS is a renowned English test for higher education, global migration or work. It can open doors if you wish to journey to countries where English is the primary language of communication. Send your application direct from here.


Sign up to this exclusive Masterclass series to get practical advice from international professionals and local thought leaders, who deliver practical and up-to-the-minute learning that can be applied straight away.


Leong Siow Ling, 19 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“I joined ILTI since year 2004 and yes, this is my 15th year at ILTI. Whenever I do not understand or unable to catch up on anything during the lessons, I will always seek help from my teacher. Sometimes, her explanation is even more than what I expected. I could see that my writing skills and speaking skills are constantly improving over the years. One step at a time and there is no need to rush.”

Mayu Yamamoto, 41 (General English)

“ILTI, the language learning institute which provides face-to-face and one-to-one learning offers beginners like me to have a good head start in taking up a new language. Not only that my questions can be immediately answered, but I am always given chances to speak using the English language too! It is indeed a good experience to learn the English language here at ILTI.”

Kaori Inubushi, 38 (General English)

“One-to-one lessons enable me to concentrate well in class and my English improved a lot especially in listening and speaking skills. I am happy that I am able to understand and converse using the basic English now. Big thanks to my well-trained, kind and helpful teacher! I highly recommend one-to-one lessons at ILTI to the others as the teacher can teach according to your pace of learning! Overall, I am really satisfied with my experience of learning the English language at ILTI.”

Mah Brandon, 23 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“One of the unexpected surprises which I have received at ILTI is that it provides flexibility in learning instead of availability! I got to enrol into one-to-one lessons, which enable me to learn better! Oh, fret not to be alone in class, the teachers here are nice and caring. Student-friendly, peeps.”

Chan Suet Ling, (Cambridge Assessment English)

“The lessons conducted at ILTI are interesting and the environment is conducive for learning. I am also quite impressed by the teaching methods. It is definitely different from any other institutions because it is more creative.”

Ushanandini Santhiran, 18 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“I always thought that my English was adequate for me to pursue my studies. However, after joining iLTI, I realised that I could really improve my pronunciations and use more sophisticated language. Now, I feel more self-assured to use a wide range of vocabulary and I can see great improvements.”

Yee See Marn, 19 (Muet Preparation Class)

“At ILTI, I have improved my grammar and speaking skills. I also learned some technique in writing essays and scored in my school English tests.”

Ho TzeMaan, 19 (General English)

“After I’ve joined ILTI, I’ve learned to use grammar effectively. I have also learned how to speak and listen to others. Thank you ILTI.”

Kashika, 10 (Cambridge Young Learners English)

“Learning English language at ILTI is enjoyable. The teacher is polite, kind and good at teaching. I get to improve my grammar and I am developing my speaking skills.”

Lim Chu Qiew, 7 (Cambridge Young Learners English)

“I am happy learning English. I have made a lot of new friends here and my teacher is kind.”

Phoebe Low Wei Mun, 14 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“ILTI’s lessons are different to English classes at my school. ILTI offers stimulating way of learning, with interesting textbooks and there are plenty of opportunities for interaction in class. I am very comfortable learning English at ILTI.”

Joao Alves Gava, 12 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“I like the fact that ILTI’s lessons provide a lot of interactions with the teacher. Also, the course here enables me to have a perfect balance in mastering the four essential skills in language too. If I were to rate the teaching staffs here, I would only give 4.5 out of 5. Why? Don’t you know that nobody is perfect in this world? ILTI, institute which provides a relatively effective way in learning English.”

Tan Keng Heng, 19 (Post SPM Class)

“I did not expect to be able to tell my own stories, as well as talk about funny things in class before joining ILTI. Apart from teaching well, the teachers here are also funny and nice. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I am not afraid to speak in the class!”

Heng Zhi Hen, 15 (Cambridge Assessment English)

“My grade for the English language subject improved from grade C to grade A in school examinations after joining the Cambridge Assessment course at ILTI. What makes me happier? Being able to write and speak using better vocabulary now! This is my sixth year here and as usual, the lessons are always pleasant and enjoyable. Hence, you can just relax when it comes to learning at ILTI.”

Zam Adam Bin Zam Azmi, 19 (Post SPM Class)

“I really enjoy the learning sessions here at ILTI. I am able to speak better English now and of course, this boosts my confidence too! I hope to upsurge my level of confidence in speaking English in the future!”

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MUET university English test
Top Tips to Ace Your MUET
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Featured Courses

Cambridge Young Learners English

Ms Seerjit Kaur

“The course content of Cambridge Young Learners English is undoubtedly structured to provide the learners a grounding in all the four essential skills of English language.  Hence, it gives a proper head start for the learners and helps to build an effective language learning foundation. As the learners of this course are mostly at a young age, we always give them a lot of class activities such as spell the word together and ask them to write the word on the board in order to keep them engaged. As an approach to further improve their proficiency, we always provide more variation of learning materials for the students. Of course, the learning materials stick to Cambridge English. What makes ILTI outstand the others? The proper learning and teaching of Cambridge English.”

Ms. Seerjit Kaur

Featured Courses

Cambridge English

Mr Chiang Kiat Hin

“The available courses at ILTI can meet the needs of learners who wish to have a better use of English or master the language for further studies.  With 40 years of teaching experience, getting the students to participate in class, engage and interact with one another has always been my way of enhancing their learning experience. We enjoy seeing the students expressing themselves and taking part in discussion. If you want to learn English, just sign up for the classes at ILTI.”

Mr. Chiang Kiat Hin

Featured Teachers

IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Ms Mary

“When it comes to IELTS Exam Preparation course at ILTI, we do a lot of creative thinking and imaginative writing in class. These activities not only hone learners’ language exam skills but also keep them engaged in language learning. Here at ILTI, we always instill self-confidence and motivation in students by telling them good stories. We treat them as friends instead of acting superior; we mould them into better individuals; we bring out the best in them and they will remember us for life- these are what we, as teachers do as well as trust.”

Featured Courses

Cambridge English

Mr Adrian Teoh Kim Mun

“The textbook for Cambridge English (B1 Preliminary / Upper PET Level) comprises a variation of topics which enables the students to speak their minds during lessons. Hence, it highly improves the student’s speaking skills. Here we utilise the Internet to enhance the students’ learning experience. Also, one of the highlights of ILTI’s classes is that students can always gain extra knowledge from the lessons! Learning is not restricted to the textbooks!”

Featured Courses

Cambridge Young Learners English

Ms Indra Grace

“The greatest strength of Cambridge Young Learners English is that the course content is structured in a progressive manner, from easy to difficult, to build up the learner’s English step by step. This approach helps to establish a strong language learning foundation.  In class Manglish is not allowed. We emphasise proper grammar, British pronunciation and correct usage of British English. If you are serious in improving your English language, we would tell you that ILTI is just the right place.”

Featured Courses

IELTS Exam Preparation Course

Ms Kathleen Loke

“The IELTS Exam Preparation Course not only enables the students to further improve their English language, but it also helps to cultivate maturity of thoughts and shapes the students into proactive individuals. Here at ILTI, we engage students into active participation and encourage critical thinking skills in them. We always encourage students to listen to news broadcast in order to improve their oral and listening skills. As for writing skills, participating in writing contests will be one of the ways. ILTI offers effective learning. You enjoy while you learn!”