Duration: 30 hours

Group Lesson: Yes

Personal Lesson: Yes

Level: All levels

Assessment Test: Yes


General English courses are tailored to meet your specific purposes, needs and goals, whether it is to improve your grammar, your speaking or even your writing.  The course will be set-up to help you do just that and elevate your English to a whole new level.

The aspects of English we can cover can include:

  1. Speaking classes for beginners and elementary students – introducing oneself and friends; greetings; requests; giving advice; asking & giving directions; asking questions for information; making complaints; telephoning.
  2. Public speaking for upper intermediate and advanced students and working adults – the art of public speaking; planning & preparation; self-confidence & mental mastery, memorising speeches; speak with and without notes.
  3. Listening, reading, writing , speaking skills & techniques for specific purposes – work, exams and social networking.
  4. Grammar for all levels.

Tell us what your personal needs are and we will personalise a course for you.

English for everyone!

Tuition Fees & Course Length
Personal Class RM 432 (12 hours)
Group Class (Subject to availability) RM 380 (30 hours)

*Learning materials are free of charge.

Personal Class Flexible
Group Class