Top Three (3) Best Language Learning Applications

Do you always have your mobile phone in hand when you’re on your commute, on your break or waiting to be served? Make your time productive while keeping yourself entertained with these free and fun language learning applications that fly you towards elevated English proficiency:


1. Elevate

” Elevate” is  a brain training application that comprises a variety of games developed by educational experts. It walks you through all the four language skills and even mathematical questions that keep you focused. Better still, the application adapts to your learning style and you are even allowed to customise your own training plan, learn according to your level of proficiency, review your performance, track your progress and get FREE access to its ever-expanding library of study materials. Wait no more and Elevate your language proficiency to the next level with the Apple’s app of the year now!


2. Beelinguapp

If you enjoy reading books and telling awesome stories to your little ones but always on the go all day, Beelinguapp comprising written texts and audio books will definitely ride to your rescue! Dive into a wide variety of texts that are available at all levels as well as genres and get yourself ready for language learning fun. Instead of reading the written text on your own, you can opt to play the audio text narrated by native speakers and listen to it even when your phone is offline and locked. Fine tuning your pronunciation, expanding your vocabulary and sharpening your language; all of these could be started with Beelinguapp. “It has never been easier to read a second language – Beelinguapp.”


3. BBC Learning English

When it comes to English language learning, the BBC Learning English application from the British Broadcasting Corporation is also a not to be missed too! It suits intermediate and advanced learners who prefer bite-size structured lessons and its programmes are categorised into six groups, namely Business English, Everyday English, Grammar, Learn with the News, Pronunciation followed by Vocabulary. Audios, visuals, quizzes as well as a plethora of text materials will be at your fingertips and with the BBC Learning English application, you can expect to ascend your language skills to the next level in a progressive manner.


Try out these applications and share your experience with us on our Facebook page. Yet, downloading these language learning applications isn’t enough to improve your English! Invest your time in these interesting educational applications and have a good time witnessing your language proficiency getting boosted! Elevate your English, elevate your life.



1. Elevate



2. Beelinguapp

如果你喜欢阅读及给小朋友讲故事但却总是一整天不停地奔波,那么由书面文本和音频文本所构成的Beelinguapp肯定可以帮助你!深入了解各种各样及适合各种级别的文本,并为语言学习乐趣做好准备吧!与其阅读书面文本,你还可以选择播放由英语为母语者所讲述的音频文本,在你的手机处于离线或锁定状态时也可以收听。调整你的发音,扩大你的词词汇量及提升你的语言水平;这些全都可以从Beelinguapp开始。“阅读第二语言从未如此简单。” – Beelinguapp


3. BBC Learning English

提及英语学习,英国广播公司的BBC Learning English应用程序绝也是不容错过的!它适合那些喜欢小型结构课程的中级和高级学者,其课程也被区分成六组,即商务英语、日常英语、语法、通过新闻一起学习、发音及词汇。音频、视频、测验及大量的文本素材可以在BBC Learning English应用程序中唾手可得,你也可以期待以一种循序渐进的方式把你的语言技能提升到另一个水平。



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