Successful School Holiday Programme Charts Path to Fun Learning

32 students onboard our recent School Holiday English Programme happening from Aug 12 -16 had landed at the destination with ascended English proficiency and much excitement!

In line with our aim of promoting creative language learning experience, the five-day programme had given green light to our students in dipping toes into onboard edutainment specially designed for their levels of proficiency and indulgence.

Throughout the amusing activities conducted across the five days, we’re pleased to see our young minds onboard taking active roles and sparking joy in the classroom, unleashing creativity and imagination as well as boosting soft skills while harnessing knowledge on English – the language of the sky.

Activity that was most favoured by our students goes to Picture Me that provided chances for them to draw and colour while putting listening skills and adjectives into good use. Indeed, most of our students also claimed that the interactive activities and hands-on experiences had greatly helped to sharpen their English proficiency too.

14 years old learner, Sin Yong En said: “I had my first try on giving a presentation during this programme. I am glad to have spent my school holidays here as I got the opportunity to speak confidently in front of my friends as well as to improve my English proficiency via the activities. On cloud nine – an idiom which I learnt in this programme and it could be used to describe my feeling!”

With this, we look forward to repeat performance and continue the successful streak of the programme with returning students and new faces. Register now to be notified when our timetable for the next programme in November and December is here.

Elevate your English, elevate your life.





学生们最喜爱的活动是《想象我 (Picture Me)》活动,这让他们有机会以画画和上色的同时充分利用听力技能及形容词 。事实上,我们大多数学生也声称这些互动性的活动及实践经验大大提高了他们的英语水平。

14岁的学生,Sin Yong En说道: “我在该课程中第一次尝试演讲。我很高兴在这里度过了我的学校假期,因为我享有在朋友们的面前自信地说话并通过各种活动提高英语水平的机会。On cloud nine – 这是我在该课程中学会的一个谚语, 此谚语也恰好可以用来描述我的感受!”



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