Message From the Director of Educational Development, Alister Bartholomew

Alister B Director Educational Development

Director of Educational Development, Alister Bartholomew congratulates our Cambridge English Achievers and highlights the versatile courses at ILTI:


Greetings to all!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all the 187 recent Cambridge English Achievers on their success. It was pleasing to know that the examination results have improved again and the numbers of students attending our classes at ILTI is steadily
increasing. We are the number one choice of language school in Ipoh.

As well as our popular mainstream English courses, we are diversifying our overall programme at ILTI to include a range of courses to suit the local business needs and the local international community. This includes Business English, English courses for locally based expats and Masterclasses for students who want to improve their prospects for university entrance by creating good Personal Statements, CV’s and in preparing for interviews and job applications.

As we all know there are many great advances in this wonderful country, that I am proud to call my second home; but the teaching of English is an area of concern in many schools. This makes the work we do in ILTI even more important and there is clear evidence that our English Language School enhances the prospects for students in their National exams and in their prospects beyond school.

At ILTI’s governing parent company, Bonanza Educare, we are growing our educational interests from kindergartens to international schools as we continue to help people prepare for a bright, buzzing future. Visit us to see how we can support you and your family.


Alister B Director Educational Development


首先,我想要祝贺 187位剑桥英语成就者在近来的考试取得成功。很高兴得知我们的考试成绩又有所提高,参加ILTI课程的学生人数也在稳定地持续增长。我们是怡保语言学校的首选。

除了我们受欢迎的主流英语课程外,我们亦全面拓展我们的ILTI课程,包括一系列适合本地商务需要的课程,以及适合本地国际社区交流课程。 当中包括商务英语,供在大马生活的外籍人士的英语课程及为希望改善大学入学前景的学生所开设的大师班 – 旨在创建良好的个人陈述、简历及为面试和工作申请做准备。


ILTI的母公司,Bonanza Educare正积极发展教育领域从幼儿园到国际学校,持续协助我们为迎接一个光明的、充满活力的未来做好准备 。拜访我们并了解我们如何支持你和你家人。

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