How to write a perfect essay

Your teacher has just assigned your class to write an essay. An essay!! The assignment may sound as impossible as eating earthworms but fret not, you can do it by following a few simple steps.

Brainstorm and Research
If a topic is not given to you, choose to write about something you are familiar with. This helps when it comes to generating ideas and points.

Next, list down whatever points or ideas that come to mind. It doesn’t matter if they don’t make perfect sense at first, you will be going through them again later. Research is key to generating winning arguments in your essay. The internet has a wealth of resources but beware not to copy other people’s work.

Create an Outline
After writing down enough points, choose the ones that are most relevant and fit the goal of your essay. Arrange them in the order of strongest to least strong for the body with an introduction and conclusion. Structuring and organising your thoughts will not only make it easier and save you a lot of time in writing but also ensures a good flow to your essay. You want to convince your readers, not confuse them!

Let’s Write!
All good essays should have an introduction, followed by the body, and then a conclusion.

#1 Introduction
Start by introducing the topic to give your readers a clear idea of what your essay will say. What is the problem you are addressing?

#2 Body
You should ideally present at least three arguments and support them with examples and facts. Separate each point into different paragraphs. Always remember to link these examples and facts to the topic. Go into detail but stay on track.

#3 Conclusion
Briefly summarise all the main points of your essay and say again what is your main idea.

Check and Recheck
Proofread your essay for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. Read through and find ways to make your writing more understandable and interesting. It also helps to have someone else read it. Rewrite if you must until you get the perfect essay!

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