Must Read - Five Reasons to Visit our English Carnival Weekend

Our free English Carnival Weekend is going to be a whole lot of fun! Here are five reasons for you to get onboard:

1. Free Karaoke, arts and crafts and more

First, what’s better than not spending a single penny to play your heart out and learn something new? Channel your inner Rockstar with our Karaoke English tunes, unleash your inner Picasso with arts and crafts and many other language games. You can expect to fuel your sense of adventure at our buzzing English Carnival Weekend!

2. Forge new ties and friendship

Second, why not grab your chance to reach out and make new friends at our English Carnival Weekend? The activities will enable you to interact with many people on a similar language path to you. Make new friends and most importantly, put on a smiley face! Note: You can kill any shyness when your friends are with you. We bet you know what to do!

3. Get professional guidance on course selection

Moving on, you can also seize the chance to speak to our expert English staff throughout the weekend! We will assist you in finding out the course that suits you best as well as meet your language learning goals, needs and levels. Hence, it’s a good decision for you to visit us and bid goodbye to course selection dilemma. Rest assured that we will be with you every step of the way.

4. Have a sneak peek on the learning environment

Next, you can also stand a chance to preview our centre’s learning environment and check out our growing library with more than 2,000 books. Gain greater insight on the longest established language centre in Perak and experience first-hand what it would be like elevating your English language with us.

5. One for the gram

Lastly, hold your phones high for some “Instagrammable” English-style photos and don’t forget to hashtag #ilti in your post! We are more than happy to see your smiley faces speaking up the air of festivity on this buzzing occasion. Bring your friends, put your sunglasses on and get ready for a morning of fun learning.

Interested? Save the date, spread the news and swing by our English Carnival Weekend on 29th and 30th June, Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 2pm! All are welcome and the crew is all set to having you onboard!

With love, team ILTI.

必读 – 到访我们英语周末嘉年华的五个理由


  1. 免费卡拉OK、手工艺活动等



  1. 建立新的关系和友谊



  1. 获取课程选择的专业指导



  1. 预览学习环境



  1. 一张献给Instagram的照片

最后,拿起手机拍一些 “Instagrammable”的英式照片,也别忘了在帖子上标签 #ilti!我们很高兴看见你笑脸盈盈的脸上流露出嘉年华的热闹气氛。带上你的朋友,戴上你的太阳眼镜,并准备迎接一个快乐的早晨吧!


感兴趣吗?记下日期,分享消息,并于6月29日及30日,上午9时 – 下午 2时到访我们的英语周末嘉年华吧!我们欢迎所有人,航员们也准备好迎接你的到来!


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