Director highlights the importance of English for Career Development

Alister B Director Educational Development

Director of Educational Development, Alister Bartholomew focuses on how English can elevate one’s career path:

“Every learner matters at iLTI. Let us help you achieve your personal goals.”

In the cut and dried living, having an educational qualification in a specific area is the preliminary step towards getting a secure job. Hence, learning multiple talents or multi-skilled professions can definitely help you achieve an astonishing career. Prominently, English also open doors for the academic and business world.

In the recent Master Classes at ILTI, we have been helping students prepare for university scholarships or sponsorship interviews, one example being the complex nature of preparing for a course in Medical Sciences to become a doctor. In these practice interviews we explore the subject knowledge for academic content, followed by the interview techniques and possible candidates’ responses. This direct approach gets them ready to face the challenges of panel interviews. We are always pleased to hear of successful outcomes, with a recent student receiving scholarship support too!

ILTI has an enviable reputation as centre of excellence in English tuition at all levels. Many thousands of students have gone onto benefit in improving their lives after the ILTI experience. Whether this has been in improving their school grades or being better equipped to deal with the demands of university or the work place – the outcome has been that of self-improvement.

ILTI also offers a range of Business English courses following the Cambridge Syllabus or individual courses that can be customised to suit any requirement. This is a win-win situation for both the student and the employer; as in Malaysia, fluency in English can really boost business prospects, the image and efficiency of any company.

At ILTI we are keen to serve the needs of Ipohites in offering an even wider scope of classes at all levels. Tuition fees are modest and our teachers are highly qualified with years of experience in teaching English.

Do please come to talk to us to discuss how we can help all members of your family or your employees improve their prospects. I look forward to personally welcoming you on your visit to iLTI.



Alister B Director Educational Development

教育发展总监 Alister Bartholomew 专注于如何使用英语提升一个人的职业道路:




ILTI 作为提供各级英语教学的卓越中心拥有令人羡慕的声誉。在参加ILTI的课程后,成千上万的学者亦受益于改善他们的生活。无论是提高学术成绩,更好地适应于大学及职业中的需求 – 成果终究为自我提升。





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