Offbeat Bookstore Comes Alive in Town

Spice up your book shopping experience by breaking into the bank vaults!

Book Xcess, the organiser of the Big Bad Wolf Fair, has recently checked in our Silver State and opened its store at one of the iconic locations in town – Kong Heng Square, which once housed a hustling bank, back in the days.

Aside from having its building covered with ample greenery on its exterior, the bookstore has maintained the vintage and banking industrial vibes in its interior.  Here you can expect to have a good time diving into the wide collection of books while strolling through bank vaults and safety deposits. The store draws inspiration from its neighbouring Concubine Lane by incorporating cheeky neon signs into its design.

Better still, all the books here are at 50% – 80% off retail prices! Grab the chance to instil good reading habits and satisfy your bookworm mind without breaking your piggy bank!

Browse from a wide variety of genre, namely novels, science-fiction, thriller, literature, young adult titles, business books, cookbooks, art and design books, and many other gems.

If books are not enough to draw you, then maybe this ‘Newseum’ at the basement, dedicated to the late Yasmin Ahmad will move you. Yasmin at Kong Heng showcases the best of the beloved filmmaker’s festive Petronas advertisements and films. You can pore through Yasmin’s very own Mac desktop, which still contains the original scripts for ‘Sepet’ and ‘Wasurenegusa’.

What’s our say on this bookstore? – “A not to be missed hidden gem for book lovers and photoholics.” Interested? Head over to BookXcess at No. 91, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), 30000 Ipoh from 8am -10pm daily.  “Read more for less.” – Book Xcess.


Note this is not a paid partnership, if you drop by our learning centre you’ll see just how much we love books! 



Big Bad Wolf Fair的组织者,Book Xcess最近来到了锡州,并在镇上一个标志性的地点 – 曾经是熙熙攘攘的银行,Kong Heng Square,开设了书店。

除了在建筑外部覆盖了绿色植物,书店保留了其内部的复古银行氛围。在这里,你可以尽享受在沉浸广泛书籍的美好时光, 同时漫步在银行金库和保险箱中。这家书店的设计亦融入了从二奶巷汲取灵感的霓虹灯标志。

值得一提的是/更好的是,这里的书籍价钱都比零售价低于50% – 80% 。趁此机会灌输阅读的良好习惯,满足脑海里的书虫的同时,并不需要打破你的小猪扑满!


如果书籍还不足以吸引你,那么在地下室,专献给已故Yasmin Ahmad的”Newseum”会让你感动。Yasmin at Kong Heng 展示了最受电影制作人欢迎的Petronas节目广告和电影。你可以浏览属于Yasmin的mac桌面,它仍然存着 “Sepet” 与 “Wasurenegusa” 的原始脚本。

我们对这家书店有什么看法?- “书籍爱好者及摄影发烧友不容错过的隐藏宝石。” 感兴趣吗?前往位于No. 91, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), 30000 Ipoh 的Book Xcess吧!营业时间为每天上午8时 – 10时。

“Read more for less.” – Book Xcess.



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