English Carnival Weekend, a Runaway Success

It’s a wrap! With your endless support and the encouraging turn out on our occasion, we had successfully pulled our first English Carnival Weekend off recently on June 29 and 30 from 9am to 2pm.

Opened to everyone, the buzzing carnival madness was not only seen from the smiley faces of the crowd, but also clearly caught from the giggles of laughter, music and beautiful voices echoing around our centre as well.

This is a great effort in encouraging children to learn English. My son is taking the classes here; I enrolled him at ILTI so that he can have a better English language learning experience as he is in a Chinese school. I want my children to speak English for a better future.” – said one of the parents who was at the carnival.

Both adults and children were drawn to the art and craft corner where they had a good time expressing themselves artistically and witnessing the story when language and art react.

“My friends and I had a lot of fun and I never thought that I can learn English in such a fun way. My favourite was the charades game where I had to guess what my partner was saying by watching her act.” – shared Leong Yu Fung, a student at ILTI.

Not to forget in congratulating those who tried your luck by spinning our Wheel of Fortune and won our gifts while picking up your English language through our interactive games too. Thumbs up to so many of you who went Dora the explorers and grilled us with questions on our courses. We’re pleased to see you signing up for our English assessment and registered for our courses here. Be prepared to ascend your English to the next level!

With this, we’re also sending our love to Benji the bee who popped in and added colours to our carnival as well as all the Rockstars, who ignited the air of festivity through our Karaoke English tunes. “Let it Go” from Frozen was the most popular song, which was sung many times during the carnival.

The carnival had certainly lived up to its aim of promoting fun language learning and we hope that you had benefitted through the occasion. We look forward to another resounding success and a huge turnout on our next event!

Here’s a note to those who missed out the chance to explore our centre as well as our courses: No worries as we have always got your back covered. Swing by our centre to gain greater insight into how English language can really elevate your life followed by gauging your level of English proficiency.

The crew is all set to welcome you onboard daily at 6, Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350 Ipoh from 8.30am – 4.30pm, except for public holidays. For more information, hit us up at 05- 255 3067 or email info@ilti.edu.my.

Elevate your English, elevate your life.
















降落成功!我们于6月29日及30日,上午九时至下午二时在你的支持及令人鼓舞的到场人群下, 成功地举办了我们的首届英语周末嘉年华。


“这是鼓励孩子们学习英语而付出的一项巨大努力。我的儿子也在这里上课;由于他在一所华校念书,所以我让他加入ILTI以拥有更好的英语学习体验。 我希望我的孩子能够流利的说英语,以拥有一个更好的未来。” – 一位参加嘉年华的父母说道。


“我和我的朋友们都玩得很高兴,我亦从来没有想过我能以如此有趣的方式学习英语。我我最喜欢的是通过观察对方的表演来猜测对方想表达什么的字谜游戏。” – ILTI在校学生,Leong Yu Fung分享道。


与此同时,我们也将我们的爱传递给小蜜蜂,Benji,它的出现为我们的嘉年华增添了色, 以及通过我们的卡拉OK英语曲子点燃节目气氛的所有摇滚巨星。冰雪奇缘的 “Let It Go”无疑是最受欢迎的曲子,在嘉年华期间多次被演唱。


还有,那些错失机会了解我们的中心及课程的朋友 – 不用担心,因为我们一直都在为你提供帮助。到访我们的中心并了解英语如何真正地提升你的生活并趁此衡量你的英语水平吧。

每日早上8时30分至下午4时30分(公共假期除外)在6, Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350 Ipoh全体航员于准备好欢迎你的到访。欲知更多详情,请拨打05-255 3067 或电邮至info@ilti.edu.my


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