Double the Fun in August School Holidays

Would you like to explore our way of benefitting your child while keeping them excited in the school holidays? Read on and jump into holiday fun:

Exclusively designed to suit your child aged six to 17, we’re making space for language fun at all levels of proficiency with our August School Holiday English Programme, which will be running on August 12 -16, Monday to Friday from 9am – 12pm.

Among the amusing activities scheduled across the five days are as follows:

Day 1 – I’m the GPS Voice and Who Stole the Cake

Why not you get your young minds to kick start the first day of holidays with “we’re all set; let’s go” mood through I’m the GPS Voice activity? Your child will get to Waze their way towards mastering prepositions and better speaking as well as writing skills. Better still, fun learning continues with playing detective Conan in our Who Stole the Cake activity, which allows your child to learn about adjectives and improve listening as well as critical thinking skills!

Day 2 – Picture Me and Word Hunt

Does your child ask how do aliens look like? What’s more interesting than getting them onboard a spaceship to unleash their imagination and improve their descriptive writing, listening and speaking with our Picture Me activity? Not to forget our Word Hunt activity that opens door from spaceship to rocket and improves your child’s vocabularies and reading skills at the drop of a hat– definitely a not to be missed!

Day 3 – Battle Tales and Speak Up

Do you want your child to be strong in the English language; like how Popeye the Sailor Man shows his strength? We have our language-related board games – Battle Tales and Speak Up, definitely not spinach, to get your child on the right path towards better English! These games will ascend your child’s confidence and fluency in speaking to the next level as well as providing them chances to understand and use idioms in context while sailing through the sea of board games. Edutainment!

Day 4 – Swap Me and Caption Me

If you’re keeping your child away from the social media but wish to satisfy their desire at the same time, our Swap Me and Caption Me activities would be your good helping hands! These activities allow your child to have hands-on experiences in writing for different purposes on social media layouts. For instance, writing captions for photos using adjectives and writing Facebook comments using pronouns.  If you’d like to emphasise the learning outcomes, enhanced language skills would be the one you’re looking for!

Day 5 – The English Garden

We’d like your child to witness the story when art and language react! The young minds onboard will get to apply their knowledge learnt on writing for specific purposes as well as that on English grammar with this activity – The English Garden. Better still, while language learning is on full swing; flowers will be in full bloom during the corresponding bouquet wrapping session too! Get your child to go home with one and double the fun!

Wait no more! Sign up here and join in our holiday fun at only RM 175.00 per person. Registration fee and placement test apply on new students. We’re expecting the seats to fill fast! For further information, call us at 05-255 3067 or email info@ilti.edu.my. Our centre is opened daily from 8.30am – 4.30pm except public holidays. We’re waiting!



专为6至17岁的孩子而设, 我们的8月份学校假期英语课程将于8月12日至16日(星期一至星期五)早上9时至中午12时,为不同程度的孩子腾出了语言乐趣空间 。


  • 我是GPS语音 (I’m the GPS Voice) 及谁偷了蛋糕 (Who Stole the Cake)

让你的孩子通过我们的《我是GPS语音活动 (I’m the GPS Voice)》 并以 “我们都准备好了,出发吧”的心情开启假期的第一天呢? 你的孩子将学会掌握介词及提升会话和写作技巧。 更棒的是,我们的《谁偷了蛋糕 (Who Stole the Cake) 》活动中将延续趣味学习,让你的孩子亦有机会扮演侦探柯南并学习形容词及提升听力技巧和批判性思维能力。

  • 想象我 (Picture Me) 及文字搜寻 (Word Hunt)

你的孩子对外星人的外表感到好奇吗?还有什么比让他们登上宇宙飞船,通过《想象我 (Picture Me) 》活动释放他们的想象力,提高他们的描述性写作,听力和会话能力更有趣的呢? 别忘了还有《文字搜寻 (Word Hunt) 》活动, 打开太空船大门直达火箭,让你的孩子简易地提升的词汇量和阅读技巧,绝对不能错过!

  • 战斗故事 (Battle Tales) 及畅所欲言 (Speak Up)

你希望你的孩子在英语方面中表现出色, 就像大力水手展示出的力量一样吗?我们有语言相关的棋盘游戏 – 《战斗故事 (Battle Tales)》 及《畅所欲言 (Speak Up) 》,能让你的孩子在正确的道路上迈向更好的英语的,绝对不是菠菜!这些游戏将加强你孩子的自信心和提升流利的会话至另一层次, 航行于棋盘游戏海洋中的同时, 给予他们机会了解并使用成语及谚语。寓学于乐!

  • 交换我 (Swap Me) 及描述我 (Caption Me)

如果想你让你的孩子远离社交媒体,又同时希望满足他们的愿望,我们的《交换我 (Caption Me)》及《描述我 (Caption Me)》活动绝对是你的好帮手!这些活动可以让你的孩子在社交媒体版面上针对不同的目的而写作的实践经验。 例如, 应用形容词描述照片及在书写面子书评论中使用代词。 如果你想强调学习成果,增强的语言技能,这就是你想要的!

  • 英语花园 (The English Garden)

我们希望你的孩子能够见证艺术和语言结合时的故事。加入我们的孩子可以通过《英语花园(The English Garden)》这项活动,运用他们在写作及语法上所学到的知识。更棒的是,当语言学习正如火如荼的时候,鲜花也会在相应此活动的花束包装活动过程中盛开!让你的孩子带着一束花回家并享受双倍的乐趣!

别等了!点击此处报名参加我们的学校假期英语课程吧,每人只需RM 175.00!新生需纳交报名费及参加分班小测试 。我们期待着座位很快被填满!欲知更多详情,请致电 05-255 3067 或电邮至info@ilti.edu.my。我们的中心每日从早上8时30分开放至下午4时30分。 我们在等着呢!

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