Director of Educational Development Highlights the Need of Raising Malaysians' English Proficiency

Alister B Director Educational Development

Director of Educational Development, Alister Bartholomew highlights the need of raising the level of English proficiency among Malaysians:


As we approach National Day, it is always a good time to reflect on the achievements in this wonderful country. Whilst there is much to celebrate, it is vital to focus on the importance of Education in the country and how this is key in so many ways to the future prosperity of Malaysia.

I recently read an article in the News Straits Times (NST) recently titled ‘Rethink, Revamp Teaching and Learning of English’ which emphasises the importance of improving the quality of English proficiency among Malaysians as stated in the Education Blueprint.

In a nutshell, the education blueprint accepts that the level of English in Malaysia is not sufficient to succeed as a nation in a globalised world that requires English for international communications of all kinds. As such, there is need for reform at all levels of Education.

In keeping with the new ‘English Language Road Map Initiative’, we at ILTI can play a huge role in providing excellent tuition and guidance to help complement the English classes in schools or to support older students and adults who are lacking confidence or need to improve.

ILTI has a rich heritage in Ipoh as the first choice Language school; and with our experienced teachers, our students are in safe hands. Our recent examination results proofed our standards are continually improving and we are definitely proud of our students’ achievements.

We are aiming to broaden our educational programmes for adults and diversify new opportunities for Business English to serve the local community. So, whatever your age and interests, do drop by ILTI to discuss how we can support you. ILTI is a life changing experience!


Alister B Director Educational Development







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