We Did It! - A Celebration of Academic Success

After a successful year of intensive English learning programme, ILTI celebrated the achievement of 187 students of Cambridge English Achievers at the Weil Hotel, Ipoh on 16 June.

The prestigious ceremony is an initiative to celebrate the achieved successes of our students in the Cambridge Assessment English examinations in December 2018, while also acknowledging the achievements of our teachers that brought these students to
greater academic heights.

The event kicked off with an inspiring speech from the Guest of Honour, Director of Institute Aminuddin Baki, YBrs. Dr Mehander Singh A/L Nahar Singh. He praised parents for their sacrifices and encouraged students to be lifelong learners.

“You will never know the sacrifices of your parents, until you yourself become a parent someday. A race is not just about starting, but about finishing. It’s how you’re going to guide yourself to become knowledgeable and become the best in what you do.”

Parents and teachers proudly witness as students went up one by one on stage to receive their prized certificates at the ceremony. Throughout the event, some of our talented students bravely hit the big stage to entertain the audience with their English language
themed performance, from speeches to musical performances.

Principal of ILTI Mr Thomas Kok said: “iLTI held its first English-language Cambridge certification exam ceremony in 2001, 18 years ago. We’ve successfully been running these internationally recognized Cambridge courses for over 20 years now.”

“English language proficiency is a transformational change that brings new opportunities, a competitive advantage and lifelong skills to students, as it opens the doors to a world of study, work or travel opportunities.”

It was certainly a day to remember for students, parents and teachers of ILTI. We once again congratulate all our Cambridge English Achievers.We look forward to a bigger and better Certification Presentation Ceremony in 2020.

我们做到了! 一场学术成就庆典

经过一年成功的强化英语学习课程,ILTI于6月16日在怡保WEIL Hotel 庆祝了187名剑桥英语学习者的成就。


此盛典由我们的贵宾,Insitute of Aminuddin Baki的院长,YBrs. Dr. Mehander Singh A/L Nahar Singh 以鼓舞人心的演说拉开序幕。 他表扬了父母的牺牲,并鼓励学生成为终身学习者。


家长和老师骄傲地见证学生们一个接一个地走上舞台,并在典礼上领取他们珍贵的证书。在整个典礼中, 我们一些才华横溢的学生更是勇敢地登上大舞台,以英语为主题,并从演讲到音乐表演来娱乐大众。

ILTI的院长,Thomas Kok先生说道 : “ILTI于2001年,也就是18年前举办了第一场剑桥英语考试成就庆典。 我们已成功地经营这些备受国际认证的剑桥课程长达20多年了。”



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