Career Spotlight: Meet the Early Rising Pharma-cee, Bernice Choy

Read on to discover how the ambitious pharmacist explored her talent and ignited her passion in public speaking:

Does this sound familiar? I think so…

“You better get a professional job as it earns more money.” “With such a good result, you should get yourself a professional degree; don’t waste it.” “Your neighbour is working as a doctor; he is living such a good life…”

Yes, I’ve been receiving those buzzing comments from the “kepo”(s), so many times that I already lost count of them. As science stream students, our career options are always limited to doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists, engineers, bio-technologists and the list of professions goes on.

Caught up in the herd mentality, we tend to neglect our dreams to look good in front of others; which is very much the Asian culture. Just because of the noises around (the comments and opinions from neighbours or family to be exact), we let our inner voices go unheard and jump into a decision without having our life purpose all figured out. Yet, the same happened on me.

Fortunately, I managed to escape from the herd society half-way! Yet, the saying “path to success is to take massive, determined action” by Tony Robbins spoke my effort. After stepping into the pharmaceutical journey that was encouraged by the herd environment, I did not give up on my interest and talent in public speaking due to the empowerment from my church leaders.

I set my goal to be a professional multilingual emcee, holding the ambition to speak and inspire people. Reminiscing my first day at university, I saw a gentleman who kept on talking in front of the first-year crowd at all orientations. I guessed he should be the student leader. I wrote my personal details, talents and interest on a piece of paper, approached this total stranger, introduced myself briefly and passed him the note. The whole conversation only lasted for less than 30 seconds.

Yet, that’s the point of time when I embarked into my emcee career and started to host on prestigious events with a crowd of 2,000 people. I started from nowhere, but of my little faith and courage.

To date, I am thankful to have much experiences in hosting various functions, notably having the honour to host the Malaysia Largest Lion Dance “Eye-Dotting” event which was recognised in the Malaysia Book of Records.

Most recently, I was beyond pleased to host the Nanyang Business Award 2019 and met people from all walks of life. Better still, as a former emcee coach, I was glad to initiate a Talk Show with a panel of six and the response from audience was overwhelming!

It was never easy juggling with both my pharmacy and emcee profession. However, my burning desire in achieving my life purpose and ambition is keeping me going after all these years.

Here’s my shout out to all the graduates out there – don’t waste your time living someone else’s life. Do what your heart desires because this is what makes you a successful individual. Once you discover it, treasure it, pursue it and realise it.

Bernice Choy

职业焦点: 与崛起的药剂师兼司仪,Bernice Choy会面




“你最好找一份专业的工作,因为它让你赚更多的钱。” “以这么好的成绩,你应该为自己取得专业的学士学位,别浪费。” “你的邻居是一位医生;他过着如此美好的生活…”



幸运的是,我成功地在中途逃脱于从众社会。Tony Robbins的这句名言 – “通往成功的道路是采取大规模,坚决的行动“更是述说了我的努力。在受从众环境的鼓励下,我踏入了药剂之旅,我因为教会领袖的赋权而没有放弃自己对演说的兴趣及才华。



迄今为止,我非常感谢有机会主持多种活动,特别是有幸主持列入马来西亚记录大全的 “百狮盛会“醒狮点睛仪式,从中累积丰富的经验。



这是我对所有毕业生的呼喊 – 别浪费你的时间过别人的人生。


Bernice Choy

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