Career Spotlight: Meet ILTI Centre Manager, Eva

Meet our new centre manager who has gone beyond the mat to achieve professional and personal success:

After years of dipping toes in various fields while travelling across the countries, Thevagi or popularly known as Eva settled down for a career in the education industry, as a centre manager by day while carving out a space for her yoga mat in the after-hours.

Eva loves investing in people who are transforming themselves and others through education. Her entry into ILTI has opened up a different door while adding values to her career path. Skilled in business education management, Eva started on her job and got herself ready to elevate with ILTI as she aspires to take the language centre to the next level to benefit people from all walks of life.

In line with her aspirations, she has been fetching a Zen-like experience to the co-team while working in tandem with all of them to improve the organisation’s productivity by enhancing the centre’s facilities and a whole lot more. She plans to implement and oversee all components of a quality English Language centre by contributing to the success of the teaching faculty.

Speaking of multipotentiality, Eva is a yoga instructor apart from being a white collar. She runs her own studio locally in Ipoh. Eva said – “I believe yoga has helped me in career in achieving overall wellness – physically, mentally and emotionally. Even casual yogis can parlay their skills into big career benefits.”








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