Career Spotlight: Meet ILTI Assistant Principal, Shalini

Read on to explore what happens when dreams meet passion:

Many of us romanticised during childhood about our professional lives as adults, when perhaps it seemed the world would be our oyster. We bet your current career is the thing that you have never thought you would do or end up with. In this case, Shalini considers herself lucky as she became what she dreamt to be.

She always wanted to be an educator since young. At this point, she could still reminisce the moments when she taught her friends in kindergarten and the scenes which she was on cloud nine role playing as a teacher at home. This is her open secret and yet, the passion of becoming an educator has been pounding with her heart and remained alive in her soul throughout the years.

With the passion firmly embedded in mind, she got her feet wet in the education field pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Education (TESL). And that’s how she landed as an Assistant Principal at ILTI and got her childhood dream fulfilled!

Being an assistant principal has taught her a lot about leadership as she evolves and elevates together with ILTI. Ranging from teaching, choosing interesting and suitable books for her students, providing good customer service to leading all the staff and teachers, she has learnt much along the way with the guidance from her higher-ups.

No doubt, she has been granted a plethora of opportunities to unleash her potential and explore new possibilities in herself. Never in the wildest dreams of ILTI’s biggest function of the year- the Cambridge Certificate Presentation Ceremony which happens annually. Shalini said, “I did not know that I could create a better learning environment for my students with the cooperation from several parties. Yet, what makes me the happiest goes to improving together with my students.”

She would never forget the intoxicating feeling of success and the happiness felt when a slow learner who had zero knowledge in English language managed to ace in his examination. She loves seeing her students smiling and enjoying their lessons at ILTI. “My heart melts when they bid hello and goodbye to me each time. They are just sweet and precious!”- she said.

She also shares that as educators, they don’t just share their knowledge, but also instill good moral values in students and make better citizens for the world. “We build bridges to them, not barriers and eventually mould them into better individuals.” – said Shalini.

She then added, “I guess it all starts with passion and I really enjoy every bit of my job as an Assistant Principal. I am grateful for the early experiences that make me the person I am today and I thank God for every fibre of my being.”





在那股热忱深深铭记于心的情况下,她涉及于教育领域,也在高等教育中获得教育学士学位 (英语为第二语言教学)。这就是她如何实现童年梦想,并在ILTI担任副校长一职的方式。


毫无疑问,她也被给予了大量的机会来发挥自己的潜力及探索自己的远景。她从来没有想过自己可以在ILTI年度举行剑桥文凭颁发典礼中发挥最大的作用。Shalini说: “我从来没有想过自己可以通过多方的合作为我的学生创造一个更好的学习环境。然而,让我感到最高兴的是和我的学生一起进步。”

她永远不会忘记当见证学生在没有英语基础的缓慢学习者在考试中获得佳绩的那种令人陶醉的成功感及幸福感。她喜欢看见她的学生常常面露笑容并享受他们在ILTI的课程。 “每当他们向我问好及道别时,我的心都会融化。它们实在是温暖又珍贵!”- 她说道。

她也分享了作为教育工作者,他们不仅仅只是分享知识,但是也灌输良好的道德价值观予学生,为世界创造更好的公民。“我们与他们架起桥梁,而不是分界线,最终也将他们培育成更好的人。” – Shalini说道。


她补充道: “我想这一切都是从热忱开始,自己也很喜欢作为副院长的工作。我感谢早期的经历成就了今天的我,也感谢上帝给予我的每一点。“

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