August School Holiday English Programme

How are you bringing out the best in your child this school holiday? Get onboard our August School Holiday English Programme and enjoy an interesting language learning experience.

We are excited to invite your child aged six to 17 to join us for our programme beginning August 12-16, 2019 (Monday to Friday) from 9am – 12pm. This creative language learning experience features fun and interactive activities to pique interest in language learning and tap into imaginations, exclusively prepared for individual learning levels.

Explore and unlock the chance to elevate your child’s English proficiency with our five-day programme to ensure confident, focused and resilient English language learners. Please register now by completing the form here.


你如何在这个学校假期中使孩子最好的一面显现出来呢? 加入我们八月份的学校假期英语课程,并享受一场有趣的语言学习体验。

我们热烈欢迎您 6 – 17 岁的孩子加入我们2019年8月12日至8月16日,从早上9时至中午12时的假期英语课程。这个专为个人水平而设的创意性语言学习体验带来许多有趣及互动性的活动,并激发孩子们对语言学习的兴趣和想象力。


Dear Students, Online Learning Materials is Now Available!  Click Here!