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Learning English is more important than ever.

Let us show you how we can connect your employees to
English courses that will make an instant impact on your organisation.

High Quality Courses Taught by Experts

Are you looking for expert training to help your team communicate English effectively?

ILTI helps develop English skills, which can instantly improve employees’ confidence, from delivering great customer service to hitting sales targets.

High Quality Courses Offered

  • World-leading Cambridge Assessment English based learning materials

  • Courses specifically tailored to match your company’s industry and any internal issues

  • Assessments, prior and post training to assess progress

  • Combination of various modules: conversation, grammar, business writing, leadership

  • Qualified and experienced teachers, certified by HRDF

  • Flexible days and hours (including weekends)

Aiming to equip your employees with the necessary English skills to boost your company’s efficiency, image and professionalism?

Our mission is to provide English courses for all ages, levels and needs and with a 38-year track record under our belt, we strive to help you achieve the expectations your company has set for your employees.

Our Specialist Trainers

Ms. Chan Xuan Hui

With an early exposure to the corporate world, Ms. Chan has a vast experience of teaching English to students ranging from primary school children to working adults. Her specialty revolves around communication skills, leadership & development and writing.


Our Specialist Trainers

Ms. Sagayam Mary

With a background of coaching students for debate competitions and public speaking during her time as a teacher, Ms. Mary specialises in IGCSE & IELTS coaching, Cambridge English for students as well as General English coaching for locals and foreigners. She has also trained Government officers, aiding them in being effective communicators.


As a certified training provider with the HRDF,
we provide English Business courses for industry experts in a variety of fields.

Popular Industries:

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